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DURA-EDGE Wiper Blades are made from high Temperature Vulcanized Silicon (HTV Silicon) that renders them virtually indestructible. Silicon rubber is ideal be because of its inertness, odourless and stainless properties. In other words, the Silicon Blades are highly resistant to weathering and oxidation, extreme temperature application from - 60ºC up to 300ºC and to a variety of chemicals. They also have superior water resistance. These blades are not affected by heat, rain, chemicals or even sub-zero temperatures. As such, they are guaranteed not to crack, rot or stick to the windscreen of the vehicle.

Tests were conducted in regard to the durability and efficiency of DURA-EDGE Windscreen Wipers as compared to conventional rubber windscreen wipers. Comparative endurance tests to determine the durability and wipe quality of DURA-EDGE Wiper Blades were proven successful wiper blades are a critical safety item on a vehicle. This is especially so in Malaysia because of the heavy rains. Conventional wiper blades are made of rubber and in out hot and humid weather. The harsh sunlight causes the wiper blades to crack and tear. Compromising a safe driving vision.

Many motorist pull up their wiper blade arms when they park their vehicles to prevent the blades from sticking to the hot surface of the windscreen. However, this only marginally extends the life of the wiper blades. Wipers thus need to be changed frequently or one faces the hazard of driving with poor vision. Conventional rubber blades have a life span of 3 to 6 months and constantly need replacing due to the above said reasons.


Silicon is formed from Silica rock. Silica rock's strong make-up enables silicon to last under exposure to harsh climate conditions.

The silicon blades remain soft and flexible even after being exposed to intense heat, cold, rain, ozone and ultraviolet rays.

The silicon blades keep to their performance quality even when under extreme temperatures within the range of -100F to +350F. Normal organic rubber blades lose their functional properties in temperatures outside of 32F to 110F.

Besides the ability to endure harsh climate conditions and extreme temperatures, silicon blades have high resistance against fuels, oils, acid rain, washer fluid and road grime.

When you think of automobile safety, look to DURA-EDGE silicon wiper blades. Motorist are assured of reliable windshield clearing when using DURA-EDGE silicon wiper blades, no matter the kind of weather condition they are driving in.

Not only are DURA-EDGE silicon wiper blades cost efficient, they save you precious time as you won't need to replace them as often as you need to replace normal rubber blades. What's more, should you need to replace them within 2 years from the date of purchase due to any occurance of the defects based on our guarantee, your replacement will be done FREE-the DURA-EDGE guarantee!


DURA-EDGE wiper blades comes in various sizes of 14”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 22” and 24” complete with metal frames and universal connectors . It is also available in 24”, 30” and 1 meter in length for refill purpose. Installation is easy as the wipers come in “ easy clip-ons’.

DURA-EDGE wiper blades are extremely cost efficient, as they hardly need to be replaced. If ever replacements are required, it would not cost the customer much.

DURA-EDGE wiper blades are the only wiper blades that comes with a Guarantee which includes:

2 years
A clean sweep/wipe by the wiper
Oil and grease stains on the glass screen will not ensure a clean wipe but with an effective washer. The performance of the DURA-EDGE wiper blades is guaranteed

**Download the vehicle sizes**


Here's how to fix your new Dura-Edge wipers onto your car! It's SIMPLE!!

Lift wiper arm according to Diagram 1.

Squeeze clip and pull wiper arm down as shown in Diagram 2.

Slide wiper arm away to remove as shown in Diagram 3.